Idea 1 Stranger in a Foreign Land:

The main character is a human stranded and abandoned on an alien planet to fend for themselves and has to learn how to communicate and adopt the alien culture in order to survive. The goal of the interaction is to collect vital resources like food, housing, work, etc. through non-verbal communications and foster an empathetic perspective to living life as an immigrant.

World State Variables:

  • Personality (charm)

  • Money

  • Diasporic community

  • Friends

  • Education

Promise: That you’ll find some level of triumph in the struggle that you witness through the character.

Truth: That we are all the same regardless of where we come from. We all have the same essential needs. We all have the capacity to be lonely and overwhelmed in the same way we have the capacity to feel togetherness and mutual support.

Idea 2 Female Perspective:

The narrative focuses on living life through the eyes of a female character navigating a city scape and avoiding the invisible hazards of femininity- threats from men. As a woman, I oftentimes face shock and surprise at the lengths that I go through to feel safe in public and private and I’d like to present this in a narrative form.

World State Variables:

  • Safety

  • Time

  • Setting

  • Coherence

  • Attire

Promise: That the audience will be a part of a gripping story that leaves the resolution a mystery. You won’t really know how the main character will fair or what seemingly mundane decisions might have a more unforeseen impact.

Truth: That sexual harassment is so pervasive that it can happen anywhere and there is very little planning for it.

Idea 3 Morbidity and Mortality:

I’d like to tell a story that allows the users to see an accelerated version of the choices they make that influence their health. I believe the average person has only a vague appreciation for the impacts that everyday choices like the food they eat and the exercise they get have on their long-term health.

World State Variables:

  • Food

  • Exercise

  • Stress

  • Environmental Pollution

  • Personal Care Products

Promise: That the audience will learn new things about protecting their health. If they take part in the narrative it will reveal ways that they themselves can make healthier everyday choices.

Truth: Developing a chronic illness is extremely easy to do with a “modern diet” and even easier to do when money and time are tight.