Story Arc

Orientation: The main character awakes to find themselves in an empty all white room trying to remember where they were before and what they are doing here.

Crisis: They are eventually met by alien creatures that do not verbalize. They lead the character through the halls of their building showing them other creatures that are being kept captive. They give the character basic clothing and lead them to the outside world.

Escalation: The aliens lead the character out into a bustling alien city street with strange things that they can’t possibly comprehend. The character looks to their alien chaperone but they are nowhere to be found.

Discovery: The character gradually discovers how they can express themselves to the non-verbal race of aliens. The character has to project their positive intentions and empathize, something the character never had to master on Earth.

Change: The character over time folds into alien life successfully and returns to Earth with a new mission for humanity.

How might it make the world a better place: It might make us as people re-think the forms of communication or structures of power that we place value upon. If the character realizes the skills they need to hone to survive on the alien planet are more valuable or have value in a larger form.

Where do you imagine someone experiencing the thing you’re making: as a cinematic browser-based experience- it would need to have the quality of watching a movie but the ability to interject and interact at different points throughout the plot that feels natural to the user and doesn’t interrupt the passive watching experience.

Is this experience addictive? Why or why not?: No. I want it to act as a parable- a single takeaway lesson that you have to go through the full narrative to understand and ponder. Once you understand the message, there’s no real need to revisit.

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Mood Board

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Lillith’s Brood by Octavia Butler


Lillith’s Brood by Octavia Butler

This story chronicles the life of a woman abducted by aliens and inducted into their culture


Avatar, 2009

The tale of an American marine in the distant future forced to re-evaluate his values when confronted by an alien culture’s plight


Castaway, 2000

A postal service worker is marooned on a desert island and forced to dig deep into himself to survive