I started my mind map with two core ideas about women's health and race-based discrimination healthcare. The conversation and feedback from my classmates segued into larger discussions about systematic racism and that's reflected in version one. 


I spent some time reflecting on how the topic segued and realized that systematic racism in America is a broad topic. It's also an exhausting topic for me. I couldn't see myself entrenching myself in such a topic for a year without it taking a huge emotional toll. Instead I refined my ideation to focus on another topic "access and barriers to healthcare" This spawned from my original subject "race-based discrimination in healthcare." There are many other factors that determine the type of care you receive in this country. Race is one of them. Gender is one of them, socioeconomic status is another but I'm curious as to how the ecosystem developed and the full breadth of its impact. I think somewhere  in understanding that ecosystem there's room for innovation. 

IMG_2359 2.JPG

I broke my questions down into three categories and two types. The categories were: relating to the topic of discrimination in health care, related to the overall healthcare ecosystem, and related to possible approaches to the problem space. The two types of questions were questions that naturally occurred to me (orange) and challenges to my own assumptions (blue). 

Communities of Practice:

  1. Physicians (functional medicine physicians- innovators)
  2. Medical Administrators (billing and coding, QA, section chiefs)
  3. Insurance providers (Oscar, One Medical, Quartet Health innovators)
  4. Sociologists specializing in healthcare
  5. Public health professionals