Our group was given the task of constructing an environment by combining several domains of interest. We chose to explore the domains of public health, privacy, and governance. 

Concept Statement

We chose to construct a speculative environment set 40 years in the future where the human race has been devastated by contagious disease. In the aftermath of the global epidemic, the remaining population has undergone a massive social shift that values health as an essential part of security and maintaining public health has been engineered into everyday life through a sentient internet of things monitoring system that controls the everyday lives of citizens.

The Story

RING system log.jpg

The storyboard follows a character being monitored and quarantined in her home due to a contagious flu infection. We wanted to explore the ways in which such a system might impact interpersonal communication. We also designed an artifact of the environment- a system dashboard logging all of the characters activities to demonstrate the level of surveillance and explore a behind-the-scenes look into the service.


Storyboard 1.jpg
Storyboard 2.JPG
Notification Copy.JPG

We sketched the storyboards for each scene and brainstormed the copy for each notification.