Some people say a piece of art speaks to them. In the near future street art really will speak to you. The following is a speculative design narrative entitled “Graffiti Go!” that explores the possibility of art coming to life


Graffiti Go! Press Release

Graffiti Go! is the latest in augmented reality gaming. Now you can challenge friends and strangers alike to a scavenger hunt throughout the world’s major cities. Use the map to navigate the city and find the interactive artwork. Each piece has a story for you and will give you a clue to the next location. You’re in a race with the rest of the city to to


1. Once you locate the artwork, scan it using your mobile device and watch it come to life. The artwork will tell you its story in its own words.


2. Graffiti Go! will track your progress and show the pieces that you’ve collected. Choose from different themes and explore a new city.

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The extraordinary thing about art is the ability of a single work to provoke a plethora of reactions. We answered the design prompt “Street Art Collector” through the lens of “Narrow Speculation” and traversed the streets of Paris and visited Rue Dénoyez. We live in a consumptive society. Street art breaks the boundaries of traditional modes of art consumption. Who can own a mural if it’s on the side of a building? Graffiti Go! encourages the user to capture or take ownership of street art for better or for worse. You are enthralled by the magic of the deep learning algorithm at work but what do we sacrifice when artwork’s interpretation is no longer left to individual interpretation and is instead explained to you in the artwork’s own words?

- Dani, Dilara, Iris, Jungu