This week's project required us to use Firmata to either control a function in Processing with Arduino or control a function on Arduino with Processing. I chose to use build an example given to us in class- using beat detect in the Processing Minim library to control LEDs on my breadboard. 

You can find the source code and the original project instructions here.

Step 1:

Connect the GND to the negative rail on the breadboard. Arrange the LEDs on your breadboard and connect 220 resistors to each of the LED anodes.


Step 2:

Connect wires from the negative rail to each of the cathodes on the LEDs.


Step 4: 

Connect the anodes on each LED to 2, 12, and 8 on the digital pins of the arduino on the left side of the resistors.


Step 5:

Upload the Standard Firmata to your Arduino. Add your audio file to the BeatDetect file in Processing by dragging and dropping into the Processing GUI. Change the .mp3 file name to the name of your file and run the code.

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