For my final Arduino project, I wanted to expand on the LED musical cue project and create an experience around the song that I chose. I was inspired by the artwork for "Me and Your Mama" by Childish Gambino (below). I really loved the contrast of light and dark in the photograph and the woven headdress around the figure really appealed to me. So I decided to create an enclosure that was similar in style and woven.


I also wanted the lights to flash blue and white to simulate the lighting in the cover art. 


I started with the enclosure which I cut from chicken wire. I cut six pieces and made a roughly 3.5x5 inch box 

Next, I took cotton twine and wove the pieces through the squares of the chicken wire. Once all of the pieces were woven I connected them with zip ties.


Before I closed the box, I built the bread board with the lights and circuits connected to the arduino. I placed the arduino and bread board in the enclosure and surrounded it with stuffing and a cut crystal candle holder to better reflect the light. I ran the USB cable through the weave and closed the enclosure. 


This is the finished product with the musical cues.